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Перейти на сайтMoscow Nationalities House

This site is devoted to an organization specialising in national and socio-cultural relationships and has a fresh, un-fussy, design feel.

Перейти на сайтApteka online

An on-line drugstore with a constantly updated stock inventory. The content embraces all aspects of this large Internet trading company with a range of functionality common to high end net retailers: news, searches, consulting etc.

Перейти на сайтBELTI Internet tour-catalogue

A full service travel site, created and developed by BELTI, delivering information and advice on tourism via a modern, user friendly, interface, supported by a well-structured and efficient database. The site includes ticket reservations, visa applications, residency information and a moderated message board.

Перейти на сайтRussian dealership of the Finnish Company - Tampglass

A complex website sharing the design concept of the international parent site at www.tampglass.com but with a number of innovative and original functions. The site structure is designed to place emphasis on the presentation of technical and analytical information.

Перейти на сайт'Cogito' bookstore

This efficient and comprehensive on-line bookstore specialises in psychological literature and includes all of the functions necessary to facilitate the business with full administrative access for the client. An understated graphic style underlines the solid, scientific nature of the client's product range.

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